8 comments on “Ballinakill merman. 1937.

  1. ‘He was using his favourite breaststroke’. I wonder how many different breast strokes he had to choose from.
    Personally I think they had a few nips to warm themselves while out and ended up offending a very friendly seal.
    pub, pub.pub

    • I have to agree with you. I doubt there was much fishing going on in the curragh that day. I expect that the sobering effect of rowing back home at full speed was the only reason anybody was able to take this story seriously.

      The mention of his ‘favourite breaststroke’ amused me too. Did they ask him which stroke was his favourite before they whacked him on the head or did they just guess?

  2. Oh dear, I wonder how many drunken overboard sailors were effectively dispatched by an oar to the head? I suspect probably as many sailors were lost at sea as mermen were sighted…

    • I always thought that the natural enemy of the mermaid would be a Great White Shark or something similarily toothy, who would have thought it was an oar wielded by a terrified sailor?! 😉

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