10 comments on “A Politicians Secret. 1901.

  1. If Mizter ( Love that new word) Hall was found to be a woman and that was the only thing he could be criticised for, that’s a heck of a thing for a Tammany Hall Politician who often had a reputation for corruption. The biggest shock at the end of the day was that someone ( undoubtedly a female journalist) could say in 1901 that ‘his’ career shows a strong argument in favour of the Suffragette movement. I’m surprised that remark survived the cut.

    • I was surprised that encouraging statement made the cut too, I thought they would be more likely to go with ‘it just proves the corrupt practices of the Tammay’ instead.

      I am glad you liked Mizter, I had to come up with something that wasn’t “him” or “her” as this article is peppered with. Hall might have been a her but he was clearly a him too, I think Mizter fits the bill nicely 🙂

  2. Move over George Sand! That is amazing Metan. I too have always loved these stories of blurred identity. I use that term deliberately because I think these individuals must be transgendered rather than androgenous. Apparently they really do feel like ‘a man in a woman’s body’ and vice versa. Good on Mizter for getting away with it!

    • I have a few more of these Mizter stories to post about, that girl soldier being sent home in the ‘bottle post’ post the other day got me going!

      • Not sure how far you want to cast your net but wasn’t there a female bandit in India or something? Can’t remember if she was pretending to be a male or not.

        Anyway, do your magic Metan 🙂

  3. I second Meeka on this point! I like your “Mizter” story! I want more!

    I also agree with Lord David Prosser— I’m amazed that last line didn’t get cut. It was unambiguously in favor of first wave feminism— and it was a last line. Easily chopped— and yet it wasn’t. Amazing.

    • I wonder if the last line was written that way so it could be cut to save the writer if necessary, but in the hopes it wouldn’t be. Clearly whoever had the final say was a little sympathetic to the cause.

      Sometimes I find things in these articles that show there were a few people out there who were ahead of their time.

      • Actually I just had a different picture. A cub reporter being told they needed a filler to put the edition to bed and they’d use her piece, ‘Take it down to the print room Now” adding that line at the last moment knowing it was too late to cut. I hope she kept her job.

        • A shaky little hand bravely passing over the copy knowing it could mean the end. Now that version is a story I like!

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