25 comments on “Star Wars fan completes marathon trek.

  1. Well Done that Man. It’s always nice to see there are still caring ( and brave) people out there. I wouldn’t care to walk 100m in something like that but Perth to Sydney…KUDOS.

    • It is an astounding feat isn’t it. That is something most people see as a massive trek in a car, let alone on foot!

    • I can imagine that bright white plastic might reflect a lot of the heat, but it wouldn’t let any out! Wearing the helmet would just be the worst thing I could imagine doing in the desert.

      He did lose 12kg on the trip, I think if it had been me the suit would have just been found in a slimy puddle, the only thing that is left of me would be the moaning….

    • There are so many other costumes from that series which would be far more appropriate for a stroll through the desert aren’t there? Surely being dressed as Obi-Wan would have got the attention and been far kinder in the heat!

      The only problem is the hat, can’t be without one of those, but they would ruin the look… Perhaps he was going for an option that came complete with hat and just didn’t think it through until he was comitted 😉

      • Having adored custom parties as a kid — insisting that my January b’day be celebrated with wacky themed costume parties more appropriate for Halloween — I’ve made so lulu choices over the years. After the black widow spider (with stuffed black evening gloves attached to my back for the extra limbs), I made a promise to myself that all costumes would be comfortable. For parties that means being able to move around, dance, eat, run to the ladies room and for hikes in the desert…. I’m with you. He should have picked another character.

        • I would love to see that black widow spider costume! When I was a primary school my mum made me a book day costume in honour of Dr Seuss, (I think it was the foot book) it had many legs, all with a shoe sewn to the end. I was never one for costumes, but I loved that one!

          Perhaps Lawrence of Arabia would have been more appropriate for the desert!

  2. I love it when you post broadcast news clips, Metan! I learned something new today— and I even got The Husband to watch this one. My favorite part is when the newscaster spends more time talking about how many pairs of trainers he went through instead of going nuts over the fact that he was almost struck by lightning.

    Oh, and I love this guy. Jacob French is so self-effacing!

    Thank you, Metan! YAY!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! This one had got lost in my drafts, and when I remembered it I almost thought it was too late to post it. It was just too good to let go though.
      What a great effort from Jacob French, if that was me I think I would have still been hanging around on the outskirts of Perth whinging about the heat!

      • ME TOO. His answer? “Oh, I liked the scenery.” I would be crying, whinging, and carrying that helmet under my arm ten miles out from the starting point.

        This clip gave me some needed perspective on my upcoming preparations for the summer months in South Texas. 🙂 I need alllll the perspective I can get, Metan!

        • I am pathetic in the heat…pathetic. I would be beating people over the head with the helmet when they stopped me for photos, not happily posing!

          We have travelled through parts of outback Australia, we always choose a time of year when the weather is at its mildest although it is still quite warm to us. If you backtrack nine months to the start of Jacob’s trip he took off when it was nice, but spent a lot of time walking in the worst part of the year. He really is a hero to do that for charity.

          We were at Ayres Rock it in 2010 and it was lovely weather. We could wear jeans and tshirts and it was good weather for walking around in. When we went to the visitors centre we couldn’t look at some of the exhibits because they had heaters above them and it was far too hot to stand underneath. The lady who worked there was rugged up in scarves, multiple tshirts and 2 jackets but she was still shivering. To a desert dweller it was a freezing morning, to us southerners it was pleasantly warm…. 🙂

          • I have this beautiful, beautiful! mental image of you smacking people with your Stormtrooper’s helmet! And I totally, TOTALLY understand!

            All of Texas, it seems, decamped last year for trips to Alaska’s coastal inlet. We went in August.—2011 was a brutal summer for everyone. It’s May and we’ve broken 90 degrees Fahrenheit already— (32.2 degrees Celsius?). My mother has started to talk, elegantly, of cooler climates.

            Meanwhile, I just bought a brand new container of sunscreen.

            GAH! I totally understand re: heaters. I would have been outside trying to cool off again.

          • Decamped, what a lovely way of saying ‘ran for your lives’ 😉

            When it gets hot here I keep telling the man of the house we need to move to southern Tasmania, as close to Antarctica as humanly possible!

          • Tasmania, you say? Near Antarctica, you say? SOUNDS PERFECT!

            Yes, the Alaska thing was hilarious. The lower half of the state up and left. Everyone took the same trip, but no one told anyone else. After the summer holidays, Facebook was littered with identical pictures of the same locations along the Alaskan coast. It made for some funny conversations! “When were YOU there?” being the first question.

            I was telling my mother that one of my dreams is to eat my way across Spain. She said that she wasn’t going anywhere hot this time of year. “What’s cold and close?” She asked. We’re starting to hatch out a possible plan.

          • That is very funny 😀

            It is cold here and I fully expect that the mountains I can see across the valley have a dusting of snow beneath the trees, just to make you feel even hotter….
            Here is a link to the digital weather station just around the corner if you want to see how cold but lovely my day really is 😉

          • What a cool weather site!

            Because of your cool link, I actually checked the weather for S. Texas. THUNDERSTORMS this week! Cooler weather!

            I went looking for something as cool as the site you linked here, but I haven’t found anything yet. We get dramatic weather, so there should be a website— somewhere?

            The regular weather websites are not nearly so comprehensive as your link! I am so impressed!

          • That is just a backyard weather station I think, there is another one from a local school too. It is very cool to have it as the news weather is never accurate for our valley! There is probably some local weather obsessive in your area too, they are just hiding away on the interweb…. 🙂

          • I’ve started looking. I found all of the storm-chasing sites, but storm-chasers focus on the Panhandle of Texas— much easier to traverse than accidentally driving off of cliffs and whatnot down in South Texas.

            I’m going to keep looking!

    • I aways think of the weather a bit like the TV guide. Knowing about it isn’t going to change it, but we can’t resist the knowing anyway 🙂

      I hope you’ve battened down the hatches!

  3. Thanks for posting this, Metan–it’s been too lonjg since I paid you a visit. I wonder why none of our newscasters, either nationally or here in Nebraska, ever picked up on this story. It certainly has all the international human inerest anyone could ask for. You have helped to brighten up an already great day even more! –Gary

    • I’m glad it made you happy 🙂 When something as funny as this get passed over by news around the world it just makes me realize that we really hear very little about what goes on anywhere but our own little corner of the planet.
      Have a great day 😀

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