19 comments on “Captured Merpeople. 1917.

    • It’s a wonderful world, isn’t it!

      I am still chuckling over your ‘suspicious penguins’ and ‘no training no banana’ 🙂

      • Ah, I liked being reminded of the Manchu Man-Fish too! It’s so funny to think of people reading this news over breakfast toast and tea!

        Are you on Twitter? I tried to see if you had a Twitter button on your blog, because, if so, I’d like to follow the tweets of buried words 🙂

        • Sorry, no twitter. I don’t even do facebook! But thank you for the compliment! 😀

          It is funny to think of people really believing those fish people are real. It is almost a pity we live in a more enlightened society isn’t it, I would love to be amazed by the sight of something like that without looking for the string and paper!

          • Ah, you could have been the PJ Barnum of Twitter! But that way lies the dodgy path of social networking 😉 I agree, life must have been much more amazing when we believed in unicorns, dragons and mermaids!

          • If only the world still had a little ‘here be dragons’!

            My twitter feed would be unbelievably boring, I have very little excitement in my normal week. My twitter feed would look something like; took the kids to school, went to work, made cuppa, picked the kids up, made dinner… day in and day out… If you read my blog you already get the best bits!! 🙂

  1. Ah, t’was only when I kissed her on the very toothy mouth and slid straight to the neck for the chin was virtually missing that I recalled I am badly allergic to all things piscatorial. This romance could never work and moreover I knew that we had fished to our limit today , I threw her back over the side.

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