17 comments on “Clive Palmer and the Titanic II. What could go wrong?

    • I will be disappointed if they make it that far, I am going to recommend they go via Antarctica just for a bit of iceberg authenticity in the trip. 🙂

  1. Personally, I think it’s a bad idea. Also I’m not quite convinced it’s going to happen. Other individuals/companies have spoken of creating a second Titanic but always had to give it up in the end. When Millvina Dean was alive and heard of one such venture she didn’t agree with it either.

    • You’re not the only one thinking it might not happen! There is a bit of a, what shall we call it… spirited debate, going on between the big mining giants and the government here in Australia at the moment over the mining tax. Maybe he is building himself a floating tax haven!

      Clive has also recently told us of his intentions to run for government, challenging the seat held by the treasurer. Considering that he is personally richer than many countries, we could probably do worse than get his advice on financial matters! Not sure I want him in politics though…

  2. I still have a lot of affection for ‘K.Rudd’ so can he come down with a bad case of flu before the launch? As the sole survivor he would be perfectly placed to lead the memorial services and then get on with running the country 🙂

    • Sorry, K Rudd has to go too. You know that severely tight mouth and pretend smile he gets when things are clearly going wrong around him and he is pretending all is well? I want mobile phone footage of that, times 1000, when he has to let Julia in the lifeboat ahead of him. After all, it is women and children first…. 😉

        • I’m sure he would be a proper gentleman too, where people could see. But I bet given the opportunity he would be locking Julia in her cabin as soon as the iceberg hit!

          Hang on, it’s parliament! Barely a one will make it to the lifeboats as standing near the rail will result in being ‘accidentally’ knocked overboard in the confusion!

          • Yes, terrible tragedy. And of course Clive Palmer went down with the ship singing Waltzing Matilda 😉

          • Clive is clearly a man who likes his tucker so I imagine him in the dining room so convinced his ship won’t go down until he has finished his wagyu steak that he refuses to leave his meal 😉

          • My Looney Tunes mind says that any evil billionaire mining magnate worth his salt would surely have some sort of executive escape vessel built into their luxury liner, wouldn’t they? In Clives case the entire dining room (and kitchen) detaches and rises phoenix-like from the sinking ship. He never has to miss out on dessert and probably never notices the ship is gone…. 😉

          • Of late Gina Rinehart doesn’t look like she is ever too far away from a kitchen either, maybe that is one of the hazards of being mega-rich… perhaps she and Clive should go halves in their luxury lifeboat.

            I can imagine Twiggy Forrest out on deck shoving the ships staff into the lifeboats, the politicians overboard, and shaking his fist into the sky as they float away.

            Oh my, do you think that I have stumbled upon their evil plan for world domination!?

          • lmao – not sure about /them/ but methinks a crouching tiger is starting to roar from the Yarra Valley :p

          • 😀 I see conspiracy theories everywhere. If I was the evil billionaire….welllll, all I can say is anything could happen!….cue thunderclap… mwah ha ha….

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