11 comments on “Cello Wars. Wonderful instrumental geekiness.

  1. WOW, this is an amazingly clever video ( unless they’re twins and I’m really thick) and very entertaining. Sorry Metan but I had to put a link to your blogpost on my facebook page.I’m asking myself just how much tie you spend on the pooter to reach you download llimit and is it time spent purely looking for things like this to entertain the boys? If so, don’t let me stop you, get back to work.
    Thanks for letting me start the day with a laugh.

    • Link away! It is a clever video isn’t it. If you liked that you will love the cello song (link above) as there are seven of him playing. At one point in that clip he even throws a bow to himself across the room.

      I do spend an inordinate amount of time on the puter finding things to make us laugh (mostly while everyone else is watching telly) but my download limit is quite small (curse you supplier for having dreadful billing practices but being the only one who works properly out here!!)

      I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  2. I had to watch the moonlight one as well …. simply astounding. Your best yet Metan [except maybe for the Tom Cole saga]. big hugs

    • No problem 🙂 They are good enough to warrant an extra comment anyway! The happiness they clearly get out of playing is just wonderful. Even the outtakes are funny 🙂 (and when they mess up they are still playing better music than us mere mortals could ever hope to!)

  3. A friend showed me this wonderful thing awhile back— I am GEEKY for cello. YAY! This made me so happy! I LOVE the CELLO— I’ve got a few things tucked away that I think you might like, none nearly so visually stunning! (Your boys like this? You have cool kids!)

    I’m SO, SO glad you shared this, Metan! So much fun!

    • Watching these clips makes me want to run out and buy a celllo. I have no musical skill, but they make it look so easy!

      They boys absolutely love this and number 2 made me download more of their songs for his ipod, he lies on the floor building weapons of mass lego destruction chilling out to the piano guys… he is a very complex character 🙂

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