11 comments on “Launching the Parthia. 1947.

  1. I’m no photographer but even to me that photo looks as if it was taken by someone with a real eye for beauty and the clarity truly is exceptional. Those spidery gantries [?] make the whole image look a little surreal. Awesome pic Metan 🙂 I like!

    • I’m glad you liked it as much as I did 🙂 It is amazing how big those ships were, isn’t it. Imagine how shiny it was on the day for it to look shiny in a black and white photo!

  2. It looks great and I think an item of special interest that maybe you were drawn to since I think my wife’s paternal grandfather worked on it as a barber for a while. He didn’t go hunting buffaloes later though.

    • It seems such a different world when those ships were transporting people between countries. I love hearing stories of actual people that remember these pieces of history, thank you for sharing!

    • I think of all the effort put into building this massive boat and then think of it being taken apart just over twenty years later and can’t believe they did it. I have a car that is 40 years old being fixed in the shed, the thought of scrapping that is just too much waste to me too, but they probably put far more effort into building that boat than those who built my car!

  3. Metan, I learned three new things today: I) I learned the word “Fortean,” a word that either I have never seen, or noticed, before you used it here. 2) I thought that ship looked similar to the Titanic and the Lusitania! WOW. 3) I had forgotten about the blurriness of early photographs in newspapers, which makes the pieces you uncover all the more amazing. Thank you!

    • I am glad to have introduced Fortean to your vocabulary! It is a good word for all that strange stuff I love (one of my favourite magazines is the Fortean Times).

      When I posted this photo I wasn’t sure anyone else would appreciate it as I did, I am so glad that you all have! I often get on a ‘thing’ and try to do a post about it, only to be thwarted by the dreadfulness of the pictures I have access to. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the clarity of this one so I just couldn’t help but make an excuse to post it.

    • I love all the people clinging to the rail on the deck. I wonder if they are excited workers riding her into the water? It certainly would have been a sight to see!

      You forget how much of those ships is below the waterline until you see it like that.

      • Yes, what a ride. And it must have taken just a little bit of faith to be willing to ride the ship into the water – I suppose if you helped build it you’d better be willing to show some confidence and get onboard.

        I hadn’t thought about the waterline, and how when the ship is out of the water it’s only then you can really see how big they were. Amazing.

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