9 comments on “More Aussie music. You’ll need a tissue for this one.

  1. I remember this one. I also remember the fear caused by the draft. I remember being so very glad that girls could not be conscripted. Selfish? God yes. Fear was everywhere back then. I pray that no government EVER does that again.

    • It is terrifying to think that a government could just send you or your children off for its own ends regardless of what you want isn’t it? is hard to imagine what the parents and families went through, let alone the soldiers themselves.

      • Was not a happy time. If someone wants to be a soldier then fine, that is their choice, but picking names out of a barrel and sending them off to die is just sick 😦

    • Always brings a lump to my throat too, he really captured it with that song, didn’t he, and the sound of his voice is just perfect for it.

  2. Yes, it’s an Australian classic that I remember well.

    FYI, I was corresponding with a fellow in 2009 who hails from an Australian military family (light horse, state troopers etc) and who traced his ancestors back to an early Australian convict. I wrote a song about it. You can listen to the demo titled “De Naissance Noble” on my blog.

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