16 comments on “Tom Cole is branching out. 1937.

  1. Perhaps Samuel was really employed by Tom to make sure all the buffalo were presentable to the guests by giving them a quick short back and sides? It seems more likely than him heading out to become the lead dancer in the new musical of Tom’s life ‘ Do you know an alligator’s biting my foot? No but if you hum it we’ll play it’.

  2. Or maybe Samuel was Tom’s guinea pig? If a ballroom dancing barber can enjoy it then it’s worth the investment? Or… maybe it was Samuel’s idea in the first place! Not sure I’d like the crocs or the hunting but that sense of adventure sounds kind of fun. So long as I have a comfy bed and a hot shower at the end of the day. Oh and a good meal. Mustn’t forget that 🙂

    • Perhaps, but I doubt that Samuel went at all… I expect that Tom’s menu will be high on roast buffalo and crocodile steaks though! It does sound like a great experience.

      • I’ve never tried buffalo but I had crocodile in Cairns 😀 It was delicious and far fewer bones than either chicken or frogs legs…

        • The Prairie Hotel, at Parachilna in outback South Australia, has a mean feral food menu…yum…. We have had lunch there a few times but I have never got around to having crocodile. Will have to put that on the menu for next time!

          • Enjoy 😀 I know it’s hypocritical of me but I generally prefer eating meat from animals I don’t like [except for frogs but I have turned over a new leaf there ]

          • -grins- I’m a reformed frog eater now. Got a fishpond full of tadpoles [no fish] and I love the little blighters too.

          • Lucky! I would love a pond. We have frogs that live under our back verandah. On warm nights they hang out on the kitchen window waiting for victims that have been attracted to the light inside. (Little white tummies pressed against the glass. Very cute.)

          • lmao – I know we’ve got a froggie in the pond coz we hear him and then see the clumps of eggs after his lady friends have come calling but we’ve never seen our casanova in the flesh. You’re so lucky.

            Night night

  3. Hi,

    I’m Josh Denne. I am Tom Cole’s Great Grandson. I am currently doing research on him, any information be great. Is there anymore news paper write up’s on him?



    • I am very glad you commented! I bet there are some great family stories about Tom 🙂

      I have done a couple of posts about him, is you put his name in ‘search for something’ on the top right you will be able to see them (my favourite was when he was left on a platform in floodwaters with supplies, saddles, tobacco and a radio waiting for them to subside).

      The Trove digitized newspapers have lots of articles about him, some of them are quite long so I haven’t done posts about them. Often you have to read a lot of article before you find the bit you want or be creative with your search terms. Definitely worth the read, not too good for blog posts unfortunately.

      He sounds like quite a man, if you have any information you would like to share about him I (and probably all those who commented on the blog posts) would love to hear it.

    • Hi Josh

      In case you may not be aware of these two items. If you are interested and might like to see and hear Tom these can be purchased:

      1. Tom Cole interviewed by Heather Rusden. National Library of Australia. 1993 July 5-8 6 sound tape reels (ca. 172 min.) ; 7 in.

      2. ‘Something of the Times’ Video CD. The Story of aboriginal and buffalo hunters in the remote wetlands of the Northern Territory in the 1930s. Ronin Films http://www.roninfilms.com.au

      I have no commercial interest in any of it but it might be of interest to you to go a bit further than the printed page.

      On a personal note, my father was up in the Territory from the late 1920’s until after the war. The following short article points to both Tom Cole and my father being on the same boat in 1938, and that they both were involved in the ‘hide industry’ – so I presume that they were well acquainted with each other.

      The Northern Standard, Darwin printed the following report on 2 December 1938 announcing the end of the buffalo season: “The Maroubra arrived back from the Alligator Rivers trips on Tuesday evening, bringing in some 900 buffalo hides, the last for the season. Passengers to reach Darwin by the vessel included Mr. Tom Cole, Mrs. Sawdy, and Harry Stewart, all engaged in the hide industry.”

      It’s a strange coincidence, but I have lived in Sydney for over 35 years – in the suburb of Maroubra – the same name as that little boat all those years ago.

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