7 comments on “Where did they get the key?

  1. Ah, imagination. Since I assume they may want to use the cabin again I shouldn’t think they want to use dynamite. But, the thought drifted into my head and now won’t leave of them blowing up the cows like balloons, removing the roof and letting them drift away gently before replacing the roof and leaving the cabin spick and span. Now, they can either give the balloons to deprived children in the area or allow the Air Force Academy Cadets to vent their disappointment at not being able to use the cabin by letting them use the cows for target practice. I know it’s not the picture you envisioned of the highly evolved but disappointed herd freezing while trying to get warm but hey, my imagination is ‘beefed’ up by the thoughts of my next meal. Mmm, yorkshire pudding and gravy.

    • I love it! Balloon cows. Would they stuff a note into their mouths, to try to track their progress? Perhaps a child in Kansas or some such place will find an unexpected gift on their front lawn in a few days time and write to them in return… Although contact will probably be through their lawyers then.

      My original post contained any amount of ridiculous possibilities, the ones you have read were the ones left after I remembered that this was supposed to be an extra post, and to stop writing and start deleting!

      Among other things I also imagined waiting until the cows thawed, then luring a pack of hungry wolves in there to clean up.

      They also could have put up a fence and a sign asking people not to take the meat. That appears to be the best way to get people to do the opposite of the posted instructions, doesn’t it?

      I did wonder what the point was of blowing up the place if they ever want to use it again. Of course, maybe they didn’t want to use it again and they had some spare dynamite! I could totally see why you would do it then 🙂

  2. Why didn’t they just sell ice cream self service to get it cleaned up ? Thanks visit my blog. Third week my blog went up an editor in Brisbane published one of my cartoons.

    • Lucky you! That is something all bloggers would secretly love I’m sure, somebody appreciating a post (of any description) enough to republish it like that 🙂

      I will add ice cream self service to the list of alternative fixes. I’m not sure how people would enjoy the fur in their desserts though…. 😉

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