10 comments on “Tom Cole and the Barber. 1937.

  1. Well done that man for getting out there to fulfil his dream. The chance of being known to the ladies as that rakish man who once hunted buffaloes must be too much for a barber who daydreams while cutting hair, to resist.
    Alas and alack, my childhood dreams of landing somewhere new and saying “Take me to your leader” won’t come to fruition any time soon but since I can no longer see my feet, it looks like I might have said, ” Take me to your larder” a few times.Still, that’s one dream I can tick off the list.
    I hope you find something else on Samuel. Maybe he and Sam will become legends of the outback.

    • Take me to your larder :D, perhaps if all invaders had sat down to a companionable meal with the soon-to-be conquered, instead of going in swords at the ready, there would be less strife in the world now!

      I hope I find more on the adventures of Tom and Sam (sounds a bit Lord of the Rings there!), I expect that Sam might have become a legend of the outback, though perhaps not in the way he had hoped!

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