6 comments on “Happiness, to the bitter end. 1937 (and 2012).

  1. Isn’t it, though? I don’t know why I was surprised by this clipping, but it did surprise me!

    I love the thought of you finding your inner tomboy with your two boys. This moment is brilliant and sweet and lovely. So glad you shared this moment! Bitter end, indeed! (And now I’m laughing!)

    • I have never had to look to deeply to find my inner tomboy (I am wearing a hot wheels t-shirt right now) I was pretty happy when I had sons, an excuse to have all the toys I was denied as a child!

      I am always surprised with what I find in those old newspapers, and to find an article like this made my day.

  2. Ah well, I always say it’s a bitter wind that blows no-one a bit of good. I hope the wind that weekend wasn’t too bitter. Cos’ your son certainly had a bit r wind to share. It’s great that a parent knows when to laugh at these things and when to let someone know it’s not appropriate. But fair play, who could not explode with laughter at something like this. You have great sons and sound like a great Mom. Long may the joy last.

    • It certainly was a bitter wind, all the more reason to look stern! I feel very lucky to be blessed with two wonderful kids (who usually have excellent manners)….

      All Mums should laugh at things that are so clearly hilarious, although I have noticed not enough of them do, mores the pity.

  3. I suppose I shouldn’t tell tales but…dammit you started this! Ok, so pretty straight-laced family re ‘etiquette’ right? But in her later years my Mum had a problem with wind and we always knew when she’d dropped a silent sneaky by the guilty smirk on her face! We’d go, “Muuuuum!” And then we’d all have to evacuate the kitchen. The lovely thing about it was that we all ended up laughing like crazy, most especially Mum. Even now that memory makes me laugh in a good way. Hugs to your boys! Great kids.

    Btw I’m surprised a certain person didn’t say ‘fart past the post!’

    Happiness indeed Metan.

    • I also come from a straight-laced family, my mum is the unfailingly stern-faced one when inappropriate things are laughed at. Just as well she only had daughters, fart jokes are one of the lowest forms of humour, and a staple of a young boys happiness. I think she still doesn’t understand why we laugh with the boys about them!

      I love your story, a family joke is such a nice way to remember someone. Happiness is everywhere you look, you just have to look the right way. 🙂

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