9 comments on “My god! This girl can sing!

  1. Best Joplin song, um…ever! This girl is fabulous. The Voice is like American Idol, I’m guessing. I’m guessing because I’m far too lazy this morning to Google anything. =) But I’m with you. I would so much rather watch my cat dig in his litter box for an hour than ten minutes of American Idol, or any other “talent” show. My husband turns it on sometimes, just to irritate me. He knows when I say the words “make it go away,” that it’s time to switch channels or suffer the consequences.

    • It just shows the quality of telly tonight that we ended up watching it. The Voice is where the victims come out on stage and the judges are facing away, the purpose being that they are judged only on their voice… It was very funny to see the reaction when they got a look at this girl tonight though, and to see her foster parents crying with happiness was so nice.

      So much of Aussie TV is these singing shows, cooking shows or weight loss shows… grrr…

      • Meh. Reality television has infected every television-having society, I think. I admit, I get sucked into certain ones, but there are other ones that I just can’t tolerate. It seems like I can’t tolerate any of the singing ones. or some reason, the ones I can’t stop watching are the ones whose premises I find entirely repellent. Like Toddlers and Tiaras. I just can’t stop watching. It’s awful.

        • We hate reality tv in our house, annoyingly it seems to make up most of Aussie produced tv these days. We also have the paradox of the two shows that seem to be the most regularly aired being a weight loss show and masterchef. On masterchef they cook the type of meals that the participants in the other show can only dream of.

          I think that the programmers think we are all overweight, love cooking and DIY. I am surprised that we aren’t watching Weight-loss Home-Reno Chef….

          We haven’t have a thing like toddlers and tiaras inflicted on us here in the past, they have bought it in lately though. They actually tried to have an event here, bringing over the kid from the show. There was such an outcry that I think she barely left her hotel room, hopefully her mum took her home and told the rest of the clan about us uncultured Aussies 😉 .

          • I remember that, actually, and added Australia to my mental list of places to move when the US finally becomes just far too ridiculous for any resident that’s of sound mind. Canada is closer, but Australia is warmer and hates child fetishism more, so…I suppose it will all come down to how much money I’m able to save up. =)

          • I was pretty proud when that happened 🙂 I think the mum thought she would come here and wow us, all but it was almost a case of angry villagers with flaming torches and pitchforks at the door 🙂 I hope she though we were a bunch of hicks and vowed never to return!

            I updated this post with the footage of her TV performance if you are interested in a much better produced clip of her singing.

  2. Incredible voice – and I never even liked Joplin! This voice though, so similar and yet not? Can’t put my finger on it but this girl sounds the way I imagine Joplin would have sounded if she had lived a happier life. Thanks Metan. Oh and btw – agree totally on the tv thing. One small confession though…I am a sucker for renovator shows 😦

    • Her talking voice is that of a normal 19 year old girl, when she walked out on stage and let rip the only thing louder than her singing was the sound of every jaw in the place hitting the floor. Perhaps the difference in the voice is about a million cigarettes? 😉

      I actually got onto itunes and downloaded her song straight away. I am rarely tempted to do what the TV tells me, but this time I made an exception 🙂

      I suspect those reno shows are just made to mess with our minds, they make you think you can have a designer house with a bit of elbow grease and a few bucks spent at Bunnings. I have spent a fortune at Bunnings over the years, but still no designer digs!!!

      • omg – the comment got through?!? Sorry I was having issues getting the comment to submit and I thought I’d lost it. Digital weirdness 🙂 And yes, I think it probably was the cigarettes 🙂

        I’ve spent way too much at Bunnings, mostly on gardening tools…and I still have a glorified horse paddock! Night night 🙂

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