3 comments on “A lesson in the art of advertising.

  1. No comment on the car or the adv. but I’m fascinated by the ‘Gumtree classifieds’. Is this for real? If it is it’s going up there next to ‘Figtree Pocket’ as my second favourite place name 😀

    • (I have to comment as I was quite annoyed that she had stolen the ad, it is a great bit of writing 😦 )

      Anyway, Gumtree classifieds is a real thing, they even have an ad on the telly. You have probably seen it, although it is extremely annoying so your brain may well have blocked it out for its own good…

      • lol – pipped at the post huh? Never mind with your sleuthing talents you’ll find something even better!

        I think you must be right about blocking it out coz I honestly can’t think of it. Probably just as well 😀

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