13 comments on “This is why your post was late….

    • Actually, I think most people thought it was unfortunate that he didn’t get away with it. Not those whose mail skidded down the road of course, but the rest of us were laughing. Especially at the point in the video when it is clear it is going to go wrong but all he can do is hang on… 🙂

  1. Priceless! Simply priceless 😀 I think the poor bastard should have received a commendation for a) guts and b) imagination. What’s the bet some tradie was standing there with his mobile at the ready just praying the postie would give the ramp a go? And is it just me or does anyone else wonder what a ramp like that was doing on the road in the first place?

    • I bet the ramp was the product of school holidays and local kids. That would explain why the design was not the best for launching postie bikes towards a safe landing…
      I hope he gets the job back once the furore dies down 🙂

      • Me too 🙂 He sounds like a young guy with a sense of fun. So many two-wheel posties just look…grim. Or bad tempered. Mind you I know I’m to blame. I keep forgetting to check my letterbox so I can’t complain when they stuff the bills in any old how 🙂

        • We are lucky as our postie is lovely, if I am out in the garden he will stop for a yack and even if he has no mail for us we always get a wave. If he sees us driving past on his rounds we get a nod of recognition, I love living in a small town 🙂

  2. Our post is delivered in a loud white van by a surly woman in too-tight gray pants and, inexplicably, a heavy coat even in the middle of the summer. I wish we had postie bikes. Our fat surly post lady couldn’t possibly drive one. =)

  3. Ach, I’m so disappointed that the link says the video is not available for my area. Now I have to rely on my imagination which I can’t apply to my own posties who either deliver by van or get dropped off by van to walk their rounds. The thought of a daredevil postie attempting to impress the public with a bit of the Evel Knievel is just too much. I think a slap on the wrist but being allowed to keep his job would have been about right.

    • Here is the youtube link- http://youtu.be/1rAKyiWhPGA . I love the sound after he disappears behind a parked car. You don’t really need to see the impact as after seeing the lead up you know how it is going to go and that noise and the tradies laughing tells the whole story 🙂

      I never thought about how other posties in the world do their deliveries until I did this post. Aussie posties get to enjoy their day the most I think! If you google ‘postie bike crash’ or any other permutation of ‘postie bike’ and ‘disaster’ you will see why they are so popular over here. They are indestructable and nearly always accompanied by laughter….

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