14 comments on “The Easter Chocolate Massacre 2012.

  1. Oh I am so going to pass this on! Another lovely blogger called Sweet Mother just did a blog on kids’ imaginations and your lego war is just so in sync with that!

    • Awww thanks! 🙂 I read that post too! I am still laughing about the death of the bunny. Son number 2 actually used a tiny lego axe to hack the head off! It took some time as we were all laughing so much.

      • You know what amazes me the most? The fact that your boys had the willpower to wait so long! My nephew would have been all over those bunnies like a rash two minutes after receiving them! You’ve got great kids 🙂

        • They are very funny little guys 🙂

          Actually we never really have lollies in the house so you would think they would be all over the easter eggs like a seagull on a chip. In reality, I usually end up chucking half of their eggs in the bin in a few months time as they have forgotten to eat them.

          To stop the waste they got very few eggs this year and nearly all have been eaten already. They haven’t seen the grandparents yet though, so I might be throwing some away in the future anyway….

          • Aaaaah … the grandparents 😀 Yes, I suspect you’re going to have to just smile and look away when the eggs come out.

  2. how in the heavens have i not visited here before??!! i love this. good lawd. you could call the whole thing easter coup de grace or some other such loveliness. xoxo sm

    • I’m glad you like it! The boys love Lego, and really any excuse to enact a scene of slaughter will get the creative juices flowing in any little boy 🙂

      I remember many years ago a friends small son called me into his bedroom to see what he had created. He had made a massive scene of destruction with a pile of hot wheels cars and when I was positioned to get the maximum effect he raced over to the stereo and pressed play. Black Sabbath roared from the speakers, the perfect soundscape for the pile of twisted wreckage. I was so proud, and he wasn’t even my kid!!

    • It was a great deal of phun. 🙂 Every time I think of the look of horror on the face of the background guy in the eyeball photo I start chuckling again. The world is a better place for the addition of Lego people.

    • I’m glad you liked it. It was a very fun afternoon, if only I had had as much lego as my kids when I was young I might never have left my room!

      The poor bunnies only lasted mere moments after their dismembered bodies were bought back into the house…mmmm… delicious spoils of war….

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