15 comments on “Not snakes on a plane, this time it is snakes in cars.

    • Hi, let me just say that the car has been ‘insect bombed’ a number of times and will most likely continue to be so …. The odd spot news story about the Eastern Brown was on the dash of my car. The odd spot news item mentioned an incorrect location. The correct location is Regents Park Queensland, where the snake was removed with much understated relief. But hey, maybe Sydney sounds better and tourists will think sunny Queensland much safer than Vic or NSW!

      I digress. If fear can compound, then I can tell you that the fear was compounded by; a) knowing that I’ve likely picked up the hitch-hiker further afield and spent some time driving around with the bl00dy thing. And; b) fear very nearly become nerve-stricken terror when the snake catcher identified the type of snake and the realisation of what had transpired.

      Just typing about it gives me the heeby jeeby’s.

      The good news is that there were no other passengers in the car, on this occasion.

      On a humorous note, and like any ‘stella’ idiot or better described – in the movies when someone hears a noise outside they go out and have a look – because in that adrenalin addled (you fool) moment, retrieving my bag and drink from the centre console via the passenger side had to be done. It seemed so, soo very important at the time! The odd spot news story didn’t mention that I’d nearly sat down in the drivers seat before challenging a number of science laws in my retreat and sudden onset of a shaking disorder. Which as it happened, was closely followed by an abnormally rapid arrhythmia, deep breathing and a sinking feeling that I wasn’t going to make the hairdressers – blast.

      Anyway, the snake must have been too flabbergasted to bite considering how close we were on those two occasions, plus the quality time we spent together driving around. Perhaps it was my superb effie-esque stye of singing.

      Lorddavidprosser – agreed 🙂 and there are pictures for the banner when and if required! LOL

      p.s And thanks to K.J for sending on this blog.

      • Well I’m glad to hear that you safely retrieved your bag and drink from the car. Despite the fact that the snake can’t possibly have any need for my mobile or any of the other unmentionable bits and pieces in there, I would have been doing my best to get them back too!

        The thought of driving around with a snake in my car for any amount of time sends chills up my spine, spiders are bad enough, but snakes…eeek!

        Thanks to you I now have a mental picture of the snake cowering under the seat, desperately wishing for hands to cover its ears* with while you drive around singing at the top of your effie-esque voice. Maybe it was on the dash trying to attract the attention of a passer-by (not being able to wave though) and hoping to be freed before the next trip…. 😉

        After I read these articles my first thought was what on earth would have to I do in order to be able to get back into that car again. Insect bombs were the only logical thing I could come up with. Glad to hear that others think the same way, after all, what else could you possibly do?!

        Of course, this little adventure might be a good excuse to get that new car you have been hoping for. Unfortunately it might be a bit hard to trade in the old car which has such strong fumes emanating from it that it causes passing birds drop from the sky 😉

        Thank you so much for commenting!

        * I know snakes don’t have ears, this snake did, ok? 😉

  1. Sheesh, it’s only because snakes don’t have opposable thumbs for hitch-hiking that they do this. If you lowered the steps they’d go by bus…….if they had opposable thumbs to get the fare out. There’s going to be a rally soon against this unfair discrimination.

  2. Hang on, no hands to hold the signs (‘equal thumbs for everyone’)….. the chant would just be hisss hisss hisss….. they can’t have a rally!

    • @acflory – yes it’s true, the deaf and armless snake was in my car! 🙂 As to making baskets; the nerves are settling. It’s such a weird after affect – I keep an eye out everywhere (including under car seats). No more gardening in slippers or pluggers, its wellies, gloves and an ‘incect bomb’ at the ready …

      • lmao – I won’t go outside on hot nights without a torch to make very sure I don’t step on anything in the dark! Talk about paranois…and I’ve only ever seen one snake in my life! I was visiting friends in Benalla and we accidentally drove over a snake on the road…and it disappeared. My friend’s bf was a local lad and he said it might have wrapped around the axle so we drove for miles hoping it would drop out. Finally had to climb out of the sunroof and jump to the ground. Never did find out what happened to that snake but the memory lingers 😀

        • Ha! I have accidently driven over a snake before, and it wrapping its snaky little body around some part of the undercarriage of the car was the first thing I thought of too! I have heard of it before, not sure if it is something that is possible or an urban myth, though…still scary!

          I think if I was Lady Vox I would be doing my gardening in armour for a while yet too!

          • She’s a gutsy lady that’s for sure. To be honest I don’t know whether I’d be game to get back into my car, forget about the garden, after something like that.

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