3 comments on “Easter at Rushworth 2012.

  1. Oh I’m so envious. I remember having wonderful Easters at Taggerty and Buxton – my sister-in-law’s parents lived in both places over the years and both places were magical. Plus the kids were all small and just went ape over the easter egg hunts. My favourite pic is that one of the dog sitting up there on the vintage car in the parade. That is sooooo aussie 😀

    • That car was my very favourite! It had a corrugated iron roof tied on with string, no door, and I expect that there was very little seat left as the woman driving was sitting on a floral doona 🙂 It was great! The dog alternated between her roof and the tray of the ute in front throughout the parade.

      • Yeah there’s something about an old car like that – it’s falling to pieces and yet it keeps chugging along. My 24 year old corolla doesn’t quite make it to vintage class but I love it and it loves me!

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