8 comments on “More of what’s on my ipod- Ash Grunwald.

  1. OK. My toes are irrevocably damaged beyond repair and I don’t trust you enough yet to chance another link. But, just so you know it’s not an anti-Aussie refusal I decided to listen to something I haven’t heard in a while that lets me just swing my feet gently. Carefully avoiding the pitfalls of going straight to ‘Down Under’ by Men at Work I’ve decided to share something relaxing, so how about a little Colin Hay? And no, I don’t mean Colin Hay is little. Here’s a link to ‘Overkill’ for those of you with good memories and who perhaps enjoyed Scrubs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpn_lNjPuec&feature=fvst Enjoy it my peeps and accept that I’m not out to damage our feet like a certain nameless blogger.

    • Thank you for that! Overkill is just a lovely song, isn’t it and I haven’t listened to it for ages 🙂 Of course as soon as I hear the dulcet tones of Colin Hay my brain is singing Down under, draping an Aussie flag over its shoulders and running around shouting ‘you’d better run, you’d better take cover….’

      I understand that you are saving your feet but please click on the link for crossroads at the very least!! It is an amazing cover of a song often done badly, your life will be the poorer for missing out!

    • I am not a massive blues fan either but I can’t resist him! That version of Crossroads is just watching an artist at work isn’t it.

      • It is indeed. I really like the fact that he’s a real muso and not just in it for the ‘look at me I’m a star’ type ego trip. You can tell he /feels/ that music right down to his toes.

  2. I’m listening to Crossroads and weeping openly into my Coconut Mocha coffee. Also, so happy you advocate Robert Johnson. I discovered him when I started reading a book called Wolf Whistle, by Lewis Nordan. I met Nordan during my undergrad degree and he talked about his process for writing the novel. It involved late nights and copious amounts of Robert Johnson. I’ve not yet heard a Robert Johnson cover that was worthy of acknowledgment. Until now, of course. Fabulous.

    • I wanted to check that Crossroads cover was worth including in this post and even though my download speed slowed to less than dial up (curse you Telstra!) I waited for it to load.

      Yes, it took hours. Yes, it was totally worth it. (Yes, I swore at the innocent computer. A lot.)

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it as much as I did, although most of my tears were relief that I could finally watch the damn thing and go to bed! 🙂

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