11 comments on “Chocolate Vampire Zombie Bunny….

  1. love it. Zombie undead bunnies… maybe i buy a mould and we make our own next easter.. lol As for your son’s lego man massacre… I can’t wait. I’ll then have to show my kids. 🙂

  2. I think they may have modeled it after this creature:

    As far as the massacre, I really cannot wait to see it. Seriously. I hope my girls are into zombie vampire chocolate bunny massacres. The only way it could be better would be if the bunny were destroying an entire civilization of Barbie dolls, rather than poor, innocent Lego men. But oh well. =)

    • Oh man *wiping tears from my eyes* I am still laughing over the mad-eyed chipmunk!

      I expect that if there were any Barbies in the house they would be the first thing on the death list. Number 1 was watching the cartoons on a Sunday morning recently when an ad for a new Barbie came on. The happy jingle was singing out its name and I heard him say quietly ‘they should’ve called it Nauseous Barbie..grumble grumble…’

      The funny thing about lego men these days is that many of them come with Janus heads. One side is smiling and the other side is frowning or looking freaked out. What kind of day they are having depends on how you put their hair or hats on. At least they will be appropriately scared.

      He had better get on and organize the men for the photo. At this rate of consumption there will be no chocolate left in the house to use!!

  3. And now I want a Chocolate Vampire Zombie Bunny! (I haven’t craved one of these chocolate mold animals in years.) This… is… genius. I can’t wait to see your son’s vision completed. Maybe you can find a National Geographic image of a city to put behind it. LOVE THIS!

    • I just love that they noticed the silliness of the rabbits instead of just dismissing them as bad workmanship. It has made me think we need to make something similar ourselves for distribution through the family for next Easter. Not sure my mum will appreciate an undead rabbit but I know at least one of my sisters will treasure it forever!

      • I honestly believe life is mostly in the way we frame it. See, I assumed you bought these because they were wonky, not in spite of the wonkiness. (Tells you how I think, doesn’t it?)

        And this means that next year you can do a “RETURN OF THE CHOCOLATE VAMPIRE ZOMBIE BUNNY!”

        I’m happy already!

        • We did buy them because they were wonky! The boys even went to visit the little group of zombies in the shop a few times before easter because they were so amused by them 🙂

          Just wait until you see what happened to one of the poor things in the chocolate massacre post though 😉

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