2 comments on “Happy Easter. 2012.

  1. lmao – love that pic! Reminds me of one of the few times I’ve been camping. Coincidentally it was over Easter as well and I swear you could not move for the tents, vans, cook fires etc jam packed into that field up in Flowerdale. Rubbed shoulders with more people that weekend than I did in a month back home. Ah the serenity… not to mention the dinky little portaloo set up in its own tiny tent.

    Happy Easter right back at you but I’m staying HOME! mwahahahaha

    • 🙂 When we go camping we go out in the bush and away from other humans. This weekend we are camping with a large group of people we know but we all camp the same way, spread out and stay out of each others pockets. We all catch up at night around the fire if we feel like socializing. Caravan parks or large campgrounds are a special kind of hell that we avoid at all costs!!

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