2 comments on “What is on my ipod, chapter 2. The Cat Empire.

  1. Obviously you’re much younger than my century and a half so have much more awareness of the current scene because I’ve never heard of The Cat Empire. And I have to say it’s just as well!! I was foolish enough to follow your link and saw the list of songs and naturally I had to try. Well, such damage to my meta-tarsals has followed that I’m thinking of suing ( such is the culture these days why should I miss out), and of course I shall wish to replace the two pairs of shoes I wore out tapping my feet in the first place. Have you no sense of responsibility woman releasing such summery sounds onto the world and this Island in particular which doesn’t see that much sunshine so hasn’t prepared itself for Sunshine sounds. Be prepared for letter from my solicitor as I hold you fully responsible for all foot damages.
    Hugs though.

    • I am sorry to hear of the damage you and your shoes sustained from the uncontrolled foot tapping.
      In future posts about music I will be sure to include some sort of podiatric warning at the end to minimise my legal responsibility. 🙂

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