6 comments on “Unloading Captain Cook’s Cottage. 1934.

  1. I remember walking through Cook’s Cottage many years ago and feeling tall for the first time in my life! At 5′ 4″ that’s saying something 😀 And yes, the cottage garden is to die for. I’m starting to grow some of my own herbs but vegies require a bit more time and effort than I can spare at the moment.

    • How tiny are those doorways! The little staircase is funny too, no furniture upstairs that couldn’t make it in the window!
      I grow my own herbs too, I keep them in pots around the front verandah mostly, easy to get to for cooking and that way I see them every day and start to feel guilty if they look a little droopy. If I had a proper garden bed out the back I suspect it would be a case of out of mind out of sight and they would be left to wither and die all on their own!

      • lol – I’ve got a bit of both – most used herbs on the deck outside the kitchen window and the self seeded ones that seem to survive on their own out the back 😀 Oh and I’ve got strawberries out the back too. They were an experiment and I was amazed at how well they did. Going to plant more for next year as the flavour is a million times better than what you get in the supermarket. Wish I could grow all my own stuff but…I’m wearing too many hats already. I suspect you are too 🙂

        • I have a circular garden bed in the lawn that we call the Parsley Pit. It is full of self-seeded Parsley (obviously), Thyme and Sage. It is also full of Jumping Jacks. If I need anything out of it I stand at a distance, plan my moves then run in with the scissors, never standing still. I have still been bitten, the little buggers….
          I have noticed that the Thyme loves the Bay trees and self-seeds in their pots too, very convenient for me.

          I had strawberries growing in a polystyrene box years ago, man of the house got annoyed with looking at it and it was shoved down the side of the shed. I noticed a few months ago it is still going strong even though I had forgotten all about it! And still yummy 🙂

          • lmao – are jumping jacks those little bugs that give you very itchy bites? If they are we’ve had them here as well although they seem to be at their worst in spring.

            I’m always amazed at how hardy some plants can be, especially strawberries. They are unsung heroes… especially yours!

            I don’t have thyme but I do have dill growing up through the grass. Now there’s another plant that has proved to be well-nigh indestructible!

          • Jumping Jacks are those ants with red nippers that give a bite similar to a wasp sting. Not only do they jump off plants and chase after you, they somehow get all their friends to boil out of the ground and go crazy too.

            We have a nest out the front and one out the back and live in a constant state of chemical warfare with them.
            I am waiting for the ground to erupt one day, starship troopers style, revealing the enormous acid-spraying ant we have created with all the ‘additives’.

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