12 comments on “I can’t go to work, my ipod is sick.

  1. Tim Minchin is Brilliant. As are all our Aussie bands/singers. Those non-Aussies really don’t know what they’re missing out on. As hubby flies for work he gets to hear and see alot of these types of shows on the planes and we have found quite a few good ones. We have the dvd you have pictured and it’s a Blast. I love his ‘love song to his wife’ and the one about the god and church, as for Cont.. that was hilarious. For my Ipod though I prefer general music – usually the type played on said commercial radio stations and 80’s stuff, daggy as it is.

    • ‘Thank you god, for fixing the cataracts of sam’s mum….’ That one gets me every time! My at work playlist is a mix of music that is completely unmatching, the poppy stuff from the radio gets a look in too. The reason it is top 10 is usually because the beats are irresistible!

        • I love the start of it, where he apologises for not believing in god in the past. When you first hear it you know he is going to go off on a tangent you just don’t know when it will happen. Who else in the world could sing a song with ‘omnipotent opthamologist’ in it!
          I will have to give Birds of Tokyo a go now. (no more oi’s ;))

  2. Oh YES!!!! I haven’t seen Tim Minchin live but we have a DVD of one of his live performances and it is /not/ gathering dust, that’s for sure 😀 Tim is simply brilliant – as both a musician/composer and as a comedian.

    Another artist/band non-aussies may not know about is Birds of Tokyo. I’m not a big fan of commercial radio and generally just listen to my own CD’s in the car but, like you, I suffered equipment failure for a while and accidentally tuned in to a station that played mostly indie music. I was so impressed with one of Birds of Tokyo’s tracks that I’ve been a fan ever since.

    Aussie, aussie, aussie oy….-cough- you know the rest -cough-

  3. Just saw that Tim is going to be on Conan O’Brien tonight. He is my very favorite funny person. Conan. Tim is funny too, but…Conan is my dude.

    • 🙂 I often wonder how Tim goes over in America. What one country sees as humour is something that doesn’t necessarily get taken the right way overseas, especially someone like Tim who goes out of his way to stir people up!

      • I’ve honestly never heard anyone talk about him and was perfectly shocked to see that he was on Conan, to be honest. Shocked in a good way. I think he’s brilliant, but I tend to be attracted to anyone who enjoys stirring people up. Stephen Lynch is probably my favorite singing comedian right now, and he certainly does the same. It seems that people like Tim and Stephen are quite popular with the college and hipster set here, and otherwise basically ignored or simply overpowered by the braying of the rest of the asses. 😉

        • Now it is a day later I can ask, how was Tim on Conan? Did he sing or was he just a guest? Most importantly, did the audience laugh at the right times?

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