4 comments on “My thinking spot has bad feng shui.

  1. I really like the steps of death. We have a garden gnome who seems far too happy. Perhaps I can find a rusty screwdriver for him as well…and a bloody chest wound would probably make his manic smile all the more disturbing, so that’s a definite plus. Also, yes to killing wasps.

    • A manic smile and a bloody chest wound? I like 🙂 Many years ago I gave a like-minded friend a gnome for a house-warming present, it was lying on its face and had a flattened midsection, with a tyre mark across its back. I am still looking for another one of them for my garden!

    • Even better, the washing was only towels, the easiest thing to hang. Also, the bathroom is right next to the laundry and naturally everyone leaves their towels on the floor, so I didn’t even have to find or sort. I could have only been slacker if I hadn’t bothered at all! 🙂

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