2 comments on “Phillip Island Classic 2012.

  1. Sounds like you had a great day! My husband went for the whole weekend and said he couldn’t wait til our little man was old enough to go. Glad to read from someone else that it is a family orientated event 🙂 will be happy to send them off together next time. Oh, and good luck winning the Torana!

    • It was great for the kids, the races were short and the cars were many. Our boys never stopped saying ‘wow! look at that!’, ‘that’s cool’ and ‘awesome’. They even got a free hat, so came home totally contented.

      I saw blokes in full racing kit obviously ready for their turn, wandering around with their cameras and happy looks on their faces 🙂 Definitely good for kids, and there were heaps of toilets spread around. All parents know how important this bit is!
      Glad to hear your husband enjoyed it too, keep your fingers crossed for the Torana for me…. 😉

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