8 comments on “I hope you are not arachnophobic! Spiders spin wet blanket over Wagga Wagga | Herald Sun

  1. Oh. My. God…. I am so glad I don’t live in Wagga. I’m not totally phobic but this many spiders would send me screaming to the nearest mental institution 😦

      • Don’t remind me! Although I’m not quite so phobic outside as I am inside. I’ve been as close as a few inches [now I’ve dated myself] from a huntsman out in the garden without freaking but the thought of one sneaking up on me in the house is…..brrrrrrr

        • I’m the same. When they are outside I am happy to leave them alone, but if they come inside they have crossed the line! Death is imminent…
          I still have redbacks under the bonnet of my car (I did a post about it months ago) I can’t get rid of them, dammit, so we are quietly co-existing.

          • Ungh…a couple of years ago we seemd to have redbacks literally everywhere but this last summer I haven’t seen even one. I’m sure they’re there somwhere but in more normal numbers. Maybe they don’t like the rain. Guess the ones in your car have found spider heaven 😉

            Btw I’m so glad you subscribe to the ‘death inside the house’ philosophy. I’ve never been able to do the ‘trap them in a glass and put them outside’ technique. With me it’s a quick blast of mortein followed by the broom. And then a strong cup of coffee to steady my nerves!

          • If I trap them and let them go they might tell all their friends how nice it is inside, if nobody returns then they might just all stay away!

          • lmao – I’m not sure what’s more scary – huntsman in the house or huntsman outside /talking/ to each other. Being in the Valley you know how many of the bastards there are in the gum trees! I may not sleep tonight….

  2. Aww!! Love it!! Huge spider fan..as long as it is not a poiseness one crawling on me. Can’t wait to see how many Garden Spiders make my yard their homes this year!!

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