2 comments on “A bomb in the oven, what could possibly go wrong? 1926..

  1. Ah, that’s lovely. “The mother and three chlldren were seriously injured,” reads the last line. The paper didn’t even think the event serious enough to lead with the fact that the wife and kids were seriously hurt by a a guy who put an explosive in he oven. Talk about a different time.

    I will say, he probably got one heck of a earfull, if not a sound thrashing with a rolling pin, once mom got back on her feet. And well deserved, I might add.

    • The article doesn’t really specify who was the stupidest one in the family, puting the bomb in there, I suspect it was probably the kids. I have a mental picture of the mum opening the oven to put dinner in, turning and running for her life when she saw what was inside!

      Perhaps this is a bit of natural selection, if your let your kids play with a bomb, and the kids are stupid enough to put it in an oven, the chances of your family line continuing are seriously diminished!

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