2 comments on “Darwin under attack. 19th February 1942.

  1. Wow, what a staggering toll – 12.5 percent of the population was killed and more than 32 percent killed or wounded. I knew the Japanese had attacked Darwin, but had no idea how much devastation they’d wrought. I’m surprised it took the government so long to formally recognize the memory of that day.

    • It’s amazing isn’t it. Can you imagine the panic when such a small and remote city is so heavily attacked? It is not like help is just around the corner. The doctors and nurses in the hospital continued treating the wounded even when a bomb fell outside and the roof was damaged.

      It is a pity it has taken so long to receive the recognition it deserves. Most small country towns have a cenotaph, generally erected by public subscription, I am surprised and pleased that the government went to the lengths of a ten million dollar museum to honour such a significant event.

      Fortunately in recent times Australians have been embracing their history more and more. Destinations like the Kokoda Track or Gallipoli are becoming fashionable holiday destinations, and the dawn service is a huge event all around the country. Hopefully our kids will continue this interest into the future!

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