2 comments on “Heat wave problems. 1939.

  1. An top description of the heatwave of 1939. While I wasn’t on this planet at this time, my late brother was born at the start of that heatwave. Many times I heard of this heatwave while my parents were alive. The hottest day in Adelaide’s history, no air conditioning and being 8 days old.

    • I had my first son during a heatwave so I really feel for your mum. Just when you want all other humans to stay at arms length you have a tiny hot water bottle clutching on to you at all times!
      No matter how much we complain we should just look back at how much worse it was in the not too distant past (no fridges, eeek!).

      When the kids whine about the ac not working quickly enough in the car after school I keep telling them to get over it and give them the old “When dad and I were kids our parents cars didn’t even have air conditioning”. (and then a dose of “We had to walk MILES to school no matter how hot it was”) 🙂

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