3 comments on “Bartley and the Whale. 1932.

  1. Don’t know how I missed this one but better late than never 🙂 I’m with you Metan. Even if a whale swallowed a hell of a lot of air into its stomach how long would that last when it’s underwater for ages? And surely it would burp?

    • I would love to think this is a true story but it reeks of urban legend doesn’t it? The only thing that rings true is the mental breakdown part. I don’t think that surviving being on the inside of any creature would be something you would want in your head!

      • lmao – and just imagine if you tried to drop it into a cocktail conversation – “And what did you do last weekend?” “oh, nothing much. Got swallowed by a whale, turned white, you know, just a boring old weekend” 😀

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