5 comments on “Crayfish from the sky. 1928.

  1. Near Goulburn? I wonder if they could have been yabbies instead of crayfish? Not wanting to split hairs but Goulburn is a long way from the sea and yabbies would look pretty crayfishy don’t you think?

    • Bungendore is right near Lake George too so I agree, yabbies not crayfish.

      I really think that a closer look would have revealed a few hysterically laughing mates in an upper room of the pub but I admit I do love the thought of crayfish (or yabbies) from the sky 🙂

        • I can’t eat yabbies, I like them alive too much! I have had pet ones a few times and they are very entertaining. I know lots of people that like eating them though, and dinner falling from the sky sounds like a good deal 🙂

          • I can’t eat anything I’m friends with… and I can’t cook even unknown yabbies but I’m hypocritical in that I’ll eat them when someone else does the dirty work :/

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