12 comments on “Use water next time. 1920.

  1. “The origin of the fire is uncertain, but the coat has been cleaned with petrol and there was a full box of matches in one of the pockets”

    Hmm….I would think the journalists were brighter than that! Wonder what the reasons were for cleaning it with gas? Was he trying to get rid of lice/fleas 😉

    • Using something like petrol or kerosene to clean clothes was an early form of drycleaning. I can’t imagine people being too happy with their expensive garments coming back from the drycleaner smelling like that these days!

        • What a smell there must have been, if the man gets petrol on himself in the shed I am sure I can smell it for days even when the clothes are outside. Imagine if the clothes WERE inside. No wonder many people didn’t have the most robust health in those days.

    • Hmmm, now you have made me think that the Man might be splashing it on himself intentionally as a type of backyard cologne! 😉

      I bet you wouldn’t love the smell so much if your entire house started stinking of it though, just imagine the days when clothes were washed in petrol and people cooked over wood stoves. It sometimes surprises me that we humans ever made it so far in our evolution! 😀

      • Especially given the inherent bullheadnesses of men. We males have, at times, seemed bound and determined to wipe ourselves out through stupidity and inanity. Although, in fairness, we usually have had a pretty good time doing it. 😉

        • No point doing things unless they are fun 🙂 Many years ago I bought a can of flammable foam that was for lighting the fire. The Man and his best mate used the entire thing up the first weekend, spending the day drawing with foam on the driveway and setting fire to it. Yes, I have spent an inordinate amount of time in emergency rooms 😀

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