5 comments on “An unexpected wind.1911.

  1. Actually, there are a great many witnesses of things falling out of the sky, fishes, frogs, and especially stones, which sometimes seem to have a more Poltergeist like origin. Here in Holland one of the prominent reasons for starting spiritualist/spiritist gatherings, were the experiences of officials from ‘Nederlandsch Indië’ , who had been stationed there in the first half of the 19th century, and who all had seen stones raining, which convinced them of the existence of spirits. They wouldn’t have been that open minded, if they hadn’t witnessed the stuff themselves.
    Today, Fortean Times often spurts people and pictures who witnessed the falling of biological items that somebody/something up there misplaced.
    You’re so right about the pickiness of the falls. It’s impossible to suck up something so special from a pond or whatever. Impossible for us, that is.
    So? What’s your theory? I can’t think of anything other than a UFO opening its something to release the sorted frogs, insects, fish or whatever had taken their fancy. Keep looking for strange clouds up there !

    • The July issue of the Fortean Times devotes an entire page to ‘peculiar precipitations’, including one of worms falling on schoolboys this year. I love the thought of aliens sucking things up and then raining them down unexpectedly just to see what we think. There they are, in their ship, scribbling on their clipboards saying to each other resignedly ‘Blaming the wind again? Really? Maybe we should just start this experiment again and hope for a more intelligent life form the next time around.’ Recently there was an appearance of strange orange jelly in the village of Kivalina in Alaska. It turned out to be the microscopic eggs of an unidentified creature with a fatty droplet in each causing the orange color. I wonder what will hatch out of those eggs of unknown origin. Our successors?! EEEK!

      • I’m not at all superstitious… well, not really… but it gives me a shiver to think that fate would work so very hard to ensure that her time was up 😦

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