2 comments on “More uses for a washing copper. (or, How to devalue a mountain of gold without even trying.)

  1. Did the finders get all the money, or was this in the times of mining companies hiring employees? I would like to know someone (I mean the relation of someone) who actually found a huge amount of gold and got rich off it.

    • Holtermann invested his wealth wisely, built a mansion in Sydney, took up photograpy, entered politics and died a rich man. I’m not sure if his family are still reaping the rewards though. Back in those days some mining companies would have been formed by broke miners pooling their resources and selling shares in mines to finance their continued digging, not always the rich trying to get richer. Often shares in mines were sold at high rates and the risk to investors was high, the gold could run out at any minute! Holtermann was originally a miner, and while his workers wielded the pick that broke through to this particular nugget he had dug his fair share of holes!

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