4 comments on “The tread wheel.

  1. Wow, just a 24-hour sentence of this nature would seem to be enough to break most people, especially if the sentence ran for the straight 24 hours, instead of being broken up, say, into three eight-hour days. How could that not be a deterrent?

    • I think the convicts and settlers in general were a tough lot. If they weren’t they wouldn’t have lasted long. Can you imagine the reaction of convicts if they could see the people falling exhausted off the stairmaster at the gym after a session and thinking they have done a good job. 🙂

      At times people of other nationalities use the fact that we are mostly descended from convicts as an insult, I even saw some English woman do that on the telly last night, they don’t realize that we either don’t care or are quite proud of it!

      • That’s interesting, because I get the impression they look down on us in the “Colonies,” as well, and the same thing is true: We’re happy to be here and glad our ancestors didn’t stick around the old country.

        And let’s face it, Australia isn’t for the weak of heart. Most of the bluebloods back in England would have turned right back around and sailed for home after a week “Down Under,” if they were still alive.

        • I can only imagine what the early settlers went through. When the first fleet arrived there was nothing here other than strange animals and annoyed Aboriginals. I expect that 1700’s London was quite a civilized place, even for the poor. Not necessarily pleasant, but nothing like a brand new country.

          Can you imagine being sent to the other side of the world, without backup, expecting to survive only on what you carried with you? It boggles the mind.

          Funny that you say they look down on you too, I’ve noticed that on TV, movies etc, and think the same thing, we are glad we are where we are and have no desire to return to the ‘old country’! 🙂

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