4 comments on “Bobbery, Toggery and a Birds eye fogle, killingly twisted about his weasen.

  1. I am just reading a letter from a friend where she has quoted an author, John Mitchell, writing about the Irish famine. ” Children met you …. their faces cramped and weasened like stunted old men”.

    My friend then asked me if I had even come across the word “weasened”. And I hadn’t!

    • It is such a descriptive word, very evocative, and sadly, it is perfect to describe a famine victim. When I was trying to find the meaning of the word ‘weasen’ I kept coming across the way it was used to describe faces. I really felt that it wasn’t being used in that way in this particular instance as I hadn’t found references to hankies twisted about peoples faces as a fashion statement anywhere! It took me quite a while to find it used in reference to a different body part, since doing this post I have found necks called weasens in other articles, phew! I was right!

  2. I came across the word “weasened” in “The Thing Invisible”, a story by William Hope Hodgson… “But to this, the old knight – a little, weasened, nervous man – would not listen for a moment.”

    Based on this, and @mentan’s comments, I would guess it means “emaciated”.

    Apparently, according to Merriam Webster, “weasand” means “throat” – they did not list an alternate spelling.

    • Since doing this post I have found other articles where the use of the word weasen is clearly referring to a throat (I’ll slit my weasen, etc) and I will post one next week. I think that this use of it is probably Australian slang of the times. Weasened really brings to mind a person resembling a weasel though, doesn’t it?

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