3 comments on “Perfect is not fun.

  1. Oh my gosh, how many things can go wrong with one car on a road trip? Wait. Don’t answer that question. I still can’t believe a mechanic stopped on the way back from Alice Springs. What are the odds, really? That’s great!

    • I know! Even more amazing was that the Mereenie Loop road is mainly unsealed and partly on Aboriginal land, you need a permit to drive on it. Also, there had been flooding there in the preceeding week and most people were avoiding it.

      We got a new radiator sent up from Adelaide (more hundreds of $) and ended up carrying it around with us for the rest of the time as the roadside fix was so good it lasted without a single leak until we got home 3 weeks later 🙂

      No matter the disaster we still had a good holiday. There is always a silver lining 🙂

      • Hmmm. That makes me wonder. I want to check on the permit situation here. You DO have to get permits in the States, too, for driving on certain Native Reservation roads. I did not know that!

        Busted radiators are NOT fun. I can’t believe the patch lasted for three weeks of travel!

        It still sounds like an amazing holiday.

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