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  1. Hi

    I only found the newspaper articles about the diamond discovery yesterday on Trove and then I found your site.

    I think I am also related. According to another newspaper article he was Morgan O’Mara. There was a father and son, both called Morgan O’Mara living in the district at that time and they are my gg-grandfather and my great great uncle. The father settled in Lindenow but it looks like the son settled in Bairnsdale (he and his wife died in Bairnsdale). There were also unrelated O’Maras living in Bruthen around this time as well, but it is likely they are my O’Maras. The son’s wife was Bridget McCarthy and they had a son Joseph who died when he was 2.

    This diamond find was also reported in New Zealand newspapers. I couldn’t find any reference to it in the newspapers after that initial interest. Also I haven’t heard about it through the family.

    • I was very excited when I found this article. Clearly the family riches were well gone before we came along though!
      Morgans sister Ellen is my Great Grandmother. The name O’Meara seems to be used interchangeably with O’Mara at times. There is another article (http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article4919377) about a mine fall in 1903 that nearly killed another sibling, Michael (called O’Meara in the article although I expect he was really an O’Mara). He was dug out by Ellens husband William Hardy, and another man, Hugh Waite.
      Which sibling are you related to?
      I love finding these articles that actually relate to our own family history. Some members of the other side of my family tree were quite badly behaved so their articles are less about lost fortunes and more about paying fines!
      Great to hear from you.

  2. I am related to Ellen’s brother Phillip.

    From my research only Phillip and Ellen had children that survived.

    In Phillip’s line there it appears that only my grandfather Leo and his sister Eileen had children. Unless I can find some other links – continuing the O’Mara name rests with my nephew. Although I have continued the use of Morgan by naming my eldest son Morgan.

    Hoping to find Morgan O’Mara snr brothers and sisters here some day. He came out alone from Ireland as a 15 yo.

    I have not been researching much over the last few years – busy with raising family but I do have a lot of O’Mara history and this looks like it will take it another direction now. Maybe over the summer holidays. Oops just lost another few hours……………….

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  4. Are you Donna O’Mara whose very old 1999 posts I found at mailing lists online re GOLDEN, MCCALLUM etc?

    I’m doing my neighbour’s tree. She descends from Ellen Christina THORNE & John GOLDING aka GOLDEN via their daughter Alice Maud GOLDING who married Charles Frederick IVORY. A large set of IVORY and relations arrived at Rangiora from Norwich England and were heavily involved in its early history.

    James GOLDEN & Helen MCCALLUM arrived in NZ by this means:

    Family Search
    New Zealand, Archives New Zealand, Passenger Lists, 1839-1973
    Ship MERMAID 2nd: Sailed 15th Nov 1863, Arrived Lyttelton 16th Feb 1864
    Page 6:
    James GOLDEN 32 Stirlingshire Farm Laborer
    Ellen GOLDEN 32
    John GOLDEN 07
    Mary GOLDEN 04
    Richard Inf
    Total cost of passage money to the Provincial Government: L39 18s od
    In Cash: L13
    In promissory notes by emigrants: L25
    Present cost to the Provincial Government: L26 18s
    Ultimate cost to the Provincial Government: L1 18s
    page 28:
    Promissory Notes given by Emigrants:
    # 34 James GOLDEN, dated 11 Nov 1863, L20

    Go here at Papers Past (NZ equivalent of Trove) to see another pax list and a good report of the voyage and arrival of the MERMAID.

    Papers Past
    Lyttelton Times, Volume XXI, Issue 1198, 18 February 1864
    Feb. 16, Mermaid, ship, 1,233 tons, Rose, from London. Passengers …..
    …..The following is the list of Government Immigrants.
    ….. J. GOLDEN, wife and three children, Stirlingshire…..
    On Tuesday afternoon, about three o’clock, a large ship was made out in the offing from the look-out on the Sumner road……

    I can be emailed at

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