One comment on “Your favourite toy.

  1. It’s funny but I almost find Buzz Lightyear and Woody not part of the merchandising with this lopsided reasoning that because they were toys in the film, with mixed-up storylines ranging from the movie one to what Andy did with them, that they don’t have such a static plot behind them. I think their genericness – cowboy, spaceman – makes them awesome.

    I still have that stuffed mummy/daughter dog (which is how I always saw it, anyway) with the bigger and smaller dogs attached to each other by string. Pull ’em apart, listen to the lullaby. The lullaby takes about two hours to finish now instead of twenty seconds or whatever it did back in 1982 when I got it, but I love it. We were cleaning the study the other day and I pulled it to make the lullaby, and Chris said, “Soon* you can give that to your daughter too” and I about burst into tears.

    *No, I’m not pregnant, and no, we may not have any girls, etc etc. But maybe in the next year or so.

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