2 comments on “Why we should vote (even though we hate it).

  1. We are ridiculously lucky, it’s true. I mean, I hate the mad monk Tony Abbott with every fibre of my being and hate the idea of having him in power, but even if he was, the problems will never lead to such large-scale violence and, as you say (and I was terrified to hear it on television as well), threats to come to your house and kill you. Could you imagine? Not that I think his views on abortion and stuff are to be taken lightly but after having Kevin Rudd come into the shop and seen his security team – they were not the militia, just a couple of guys in suits. We are so safe, really.

    • The things that everyone hates about Tony Abbot are the things we see when he acts just like a normal guy. We hate Julia because she acts and is never real! At least here we can hate them out loud. I think the rest of the world takes politics far more seriously than Aussies ever could. If an ex PM walking down the street had a secret service type team following him around like they do with an ex president it would be un-Australian if we didn’t see it as a challenge to stir up some self-important pricks instead of giving them the respect they really think they should get!

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