4 comments on “What are you afraid of?

  1. Aw, thanks! Worse still I don’t remember this incident at all and probably didn’t even say thank you (I hope I did though.)

    My stupid fear is moths and balloons. At least yours is a legitimately dangerous fear even if you aren’t spending a lot of time with them. Moths don’t do anything but flap about in your face and balloons just make me tense. Because they will pop…but only when you least expect it.

    • Yes Fi, you did say thanks even though you were only very little. There must be something about you and water. Once you were at the river with us and your tiny thong floated off your foot and away in the water, you cried as you watched it float away. It was retrieved though, and again you were very grateful. Hmmm… Remind me never to let you take the boys near water on your own. Shovels and footwear are one thing, but kids…

      • Now THAT I completely remember. I have a very clear memory of my thong floating off into the rushing water and Michael wading off to retrieve it. I think my memory may have been exaggerated by the fact I remember us all being worried that it was dangerous and he might get swept away and not return, but that was probably just me being dramatic. After all, if it was actually dangerous, I assume we would have just let it be and I would have found myself with a new pair of thongs.

        Were they green? Or was it that my bathing suit was green? I have always remembered that.

        • It was pink, bright girly pink. That was the only thing that saved it as a pink thong is quite easy to find in the undergrowth! Michael was in no danger of being swept away although a little girls tears would make any man brave a flood to make them stop!

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