2 comments on “BUSHWA. Guilty as charged…

  1. This word stems from the French word Bourgeois, which is why it’s so hard to spell. When i was in high school my English teacher told me that the French word meant “upper class” and that upper class people were full fo themselves, hence the “rubbish” reference. I just checked “online” and see that the definition is actually “middle class”, although I guess in France back then middle class was still upper class. 🙂

    • Thank you for commenting!

      I did realize that the root word for bushwa was bourgeois, but I thought that calling my blog Buried Words and Bourgeois might give people the impression I was a writer, lying about in my boudoir* in long silk frocks thinking deep thoughts, instead of a person desperately trying to think up things to post about between cooking dinner and doing loads of washing!

      I guess the deprived lower classes of France, just as everywhere else in the world, felt that almost everyone else was rubbish anyway…

      *yes, sulking room 🙂

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